Von Avis

NextGen Advisory Board Chair

“I love volunteering with GVLT because doing so allows me to be a part of building and maintaining the trails that I spend so much time on, has enabled me to learn about the critical and long-term conservation work GVLT does, and gives me opportunities to spend time with GVLT's amazing staff, board members, and other supporters.”

Emmiliese has lived in Bozeman since 2018 – and never wants to leave! She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a brief stint on the East Coast to attend Princeton University, where she studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Emmiliese has spent her career working at technology startups. She is currently a Product Manager at Baseten, a machine learning infrastructure company. Prior to Baseten, she worked at MyVillage, serving childcare providers, and Remind, building communication tools for K-12 teachers. Emmiliese is an elite trail runner and a member of the US National Ski Mountaineering Team. You will often find her skiing laps at Bear Canyon or running at Highland Glenn or the M, with her border collie Milton in tow. Emmiliese currently serves as the Chair of GVLT’s NextGen Advisory Board, a group of 20 young professionals helping to raise awareness of GVLT in the community.