Deb Stephenson founded DMS Natural Resources in 2011. DMS is an advisory firm specializing in water right management, water right technical services, water valuation, water investment advisory, and water transaction services. Mrs. Stephenson manages large water right portfolios across the Western United States for which she provides water right database and inventory management, historical research and document interpretation, GIS mapping and aerial photo interpretation, change application and permitting services, adjudication support, due diligence in property transactions, and expert witness support in water right law suits. Mrs. Stephenson also has over ten years of experience helping entities across the western United States acquire or sell water assets. From identifying water assets suitable for purchase, to negotiating terms, and through the administrative permitting process, Mrs. Stephenson helps clients navigate the entire water right transactional process. An in-depth technical understanding of water rights combined with a business and economics background makes Mrs. Stephenson one of the country’s leading experts in water valuation and water investment advisory. Mrs. Stephenson maintains detailed water market transaction data and performs water valuations based on multiple valuation techniques. Lastly, Mrs. Stephenson advises investors in making decisions regarding water related investments.