Best of Local Trails Poll Results


In January we asked our community, what are the best of our local trails? The results are in and we’re excited to share with you the very top picks from 2019.

Trail with the Best View

  1. TIE M Trail and Triple Tree Trail

Cleanest Trail

  1. Triple Tree Trail
  2. Gallagator Trail

Best Trail to Take Kids

  1. Sourdough Trail
  2. Gallagator Trail

Best Trail with Access to Water

  1. South Cottonwood Trail
  2. Middle Cottonwood Trail

Best Sledding Hill

  1. Peets Hill
  2. Gallatin County Regional Park

Best Trail for Running

  1. Sourdough Canyon Trail
  2. South Cottonwood Trail

Best Trail for Biking

  1. Leverich Canyon
  2. Highland Glen Trails

Best Trail for Sunsets and Sunrises

  1. Peets Hill
  2. M Trail

Best Off-Leash Dog Park

  1. Snowfill Recreation Area
  2. TIE Gallatin County Regional Park and Peets Hill

Best Kept Secret

  1. Painted Hills Trail (and connector to Triple Tree)
  2. Emerald and Heather Lake
  3. Cherry River Trail

Best Trail Name

  1. Gallagator Trail
  2. Drinking Horse Trail

Best Trail for Cross Country Skiing

  1. Highland Glen Trails
  2. Sourdough Canyon

Best Public Playground

  1. Dinosaur Park (Gallatin County Regional Park)
  2. Bogert Park

Most Challenging Trail

  1. Baldy
  2. Steep way up the M Trail

Best Trail After Work

  1. Drinking Horse Trail
  2. Peets Hill

Best Trail to Take Visitors

  1. M Trail
  2. Triple Tree Trail

Best Thing About Local Trails

  1. Accessibility
  2. Number and variety of trails

What else do we need to know about local trails?

Most common response: People need to pick up their dog poop (and the bags on the side of the trails!)

Thanks to everyone for taking the poll and sharing your favorites!