Appreciating Ag: Thanks to Farmers and Ranchers


We’re celebrating National Ag Week to pay tribute to the impact that agriculture has on our everyday lives. From the food we eat and the clothes on our backs, to the history of our region and open space views we enjoy from our roads and trails, farmers and ranchers are the foundation of Montana as we know it.  They’re the backbone of our landscape, our way of life, and our independent, hard-working spirit. The future of farming in our region, one of the state’s great breadbaskets – remains bright and bountiful.  Seed potatoes and malting barley grown just miles down the road are shipped nationwide to feed the world.  Local food is available year round, providing nutritious food for kids and cooking enthusiasts. At GVLT we have the great fortune of working alongside farming and ranching families and celebrating their contributions everyday. Conservation easements are a tool that we provide to help safeguard agriculture and ensure that families have a future on the land.  It’s just our way of helping make sure working lands stay open lands. Thank you farmers and ranchers for your hard work, your grit, your sacrifice, your patience, your stewardship, and your vision. You are appreciated.