Gallatin Valley Land Trust connects people, communities, and open lands through conservation of working farms and ranches, healthy rivers, and wildlife habitat, and the creation of trails in the Montana headwaters of the Missouri and Upper Yellowstone Rivers.


The vision of GVLT is to conserve open space on a scale that maintains the agricultural heritage, healthy and abundant wildlife habitats, clean flowing waters, and the scenic beauty of Montana’s greater Yellowstone region, now and for all future generations, while also developing extensive trail systems that connect communities to their surrounding natural lands and to each other.


Since our founding in 1990 we have helped conserve over 78 square miles of land in Gallatin Valley and the surrounding communities through partnerships with private landowners, using voluntary conservation agreements. Through public and private partnerships GVLT has helped expand the Main Street to the Mountains trail system to over 90 miles in length, providing recreation, transportation and a connection to nature. Our founder, Chris Boyd, was a true visionary. He could see this area changing and saw the need for an organization to care for its future. We’ve been carrying that torch ever since.